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An Introduction
What Celia Sees
An Introduction by the Hon. Mrs. Griffiths
Preface: To The Reader
Wiltshire and Dorset
Bath via Warminster
Berkshire and Oxfordshire
Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey
Moving to London
Buckinghamshire, Oxford and Chichester
To Herefordshire
Hampshire and......
Hampton Court
1697 Tour: London to Yorkshire
1697 Tour: York and Scarborough
1697 Tour: Hull to Chatsworth
1697 Tour: The Peak District
1697 Tour: Coventry to London
1697: Through Kent to Canterbury and Dover
1697: Tunbridge Wells and Rye
1698 Tour: London to Bury St Edmunds
1698 Tour: Cambridge to Lichfield

National Trails

"And centuries later she speaks to us still"
-What Celia Sees,
from the Ridgeriders soundtrack

Bury Down. along The Ridgeway

Her spelling was, shall we say, creative, but it is the very power of her words that bring across to us, the descriptions of the places, and people that Celia Fiennes saw on her memorable "Great Journey", or perhaps we should say journeys, through England in 1697 and 1698, in the "reign of William and Mary"

The Ridgeway

a local history research and
publishing unit and local
studies resource centre.
Celia Fiennes visited Hull
during her 1697 Tour of the North

known locally as 'The Monument',
was unveiled on a very cold, wet
and windy day in December 1998.
It was commissioned to
commemorate the 300th anniversary
of the'Great Journey' undertaken by
a remarkable lady who, in the reign
of William and Mary, travelled
throughout Great Britain, riding side
saddle and with only the minimum of be found in Cheshire

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